Several times per year Generations Humanitarian takes groups to Peru and Colombia to perform humanitarian service. For most, meeting your fellow expedition members, immersing yourself in the culture, serving those in need and working with the children becomes a life-changing experience. Working beside the Latin American poor touches the hearts of those who give and those who receive. Our expeditions are carried out in a safe and professional way to provide a unique and personal glimpse into the heart and soul of the Latin American world.
We invite you to come along and join us in 2017-18. Expedition projects for 2017 will focus on projects at the Azul Wasi and Anta homes in Peru and our new home in Ibague in Colombia. We take high school and college student groups as well as families and individuals. Medical and dental projects may be added to existing construction expeditions as medical personnel sign on. The most important skills on expeditions are hard work and a good attitude. When you sign up, remember you will be going to a developing nation that often lacks the quality of services you expect at home. Things will go wrong. Thats part of the developing world country adventure. Patience and understanding go a long way towards making each of those situations enjoyable instead of frustrating.  Our homes in Peru are just a couple of hours away from Machu Picchu, so we will always take time out for a little fun!
Celebrate 20 years with us!
August 2017, marks the 20th year that Van Evans and Jaime Figueroa have taking humanitarian expeditions in Peru.  Our first expedition was in Patacancha and the rest of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.  We will return to the remote village of Patacancha after 20 years to celebrate with them their development.  We expect a number of repeats to go on this trip, so a visit to Machu Picchu is optional. After doing our service for the homes and greenhouses, we will fly back to Lima and then take a bus down the coast to the Atacama desert and enjoy two days of  touring the desert. We will visit the mysterious Nazca Lines as well as the Ballesta Islands (Peru’s Galapagos Islands) and the Oasis of Huacachina. Anyone who has been on an expedition with us before can return with a $100 discount.
To participate in one of our expeditions simply:
  1. Download the Application below for your trip of interest;
  2. Fill the application out, sign pages 3 & 4 and send it in with your deposit;
  3. We will contact you via email regarding preparations, packing, donations, and suggested international airfare. (All airfare is not included in the expedition cost, but we will help coordinate tickets).
The following expeditions are open to the public:
  • Peru, Cusco/Sacred Valley Expedition. May 10-20, 2017. Cost $1825.
  • Download the Expedition Application: Application Peru May 10-20
  • Colmbia, Espinal, Ibague, Bogota Expedition. June 17-24, 2017. Cost $?.
  • Download the Expedition Application: Application Colombia
  • Peru 20th Anniversary Expedition. August 2-12, 2017. Cost $1730.
  • Download the Expedition Application: Application Peru 20th Anniversary
  • Peru, Cusco/Sacred Valley Expedition. December 27, 2017 – January 6, 2018. Cost $1825.
  • Download the Expedition Application: Application Peru December
NOTE: Genhu expeditions are tax-deductible and you will receive a receipt donation for all costs except for tourism such as the visit to Machu Picchu.  Please see your tax advisor.