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Just 22 kms south east of Cusco, Azul Wasi sits on several acres of converted swamp land in the district of Oropesa, Peru. This home is founded by Alcides Jordan, a retired police officer.  Azul means blue in Spanish and Wasi means house in Quechua, the native tongue of the Andean people.  A few years ago, after rescuing one of the boys off the street, Alcides had the boy draw a picture of what his dream home would look like.  The boy drew a blue house from dreams he had at night while living on the street. That house is now a reality.

Home to 17 boys and 3 girls, this home has a lot of room to grow.  In 2012 we built new bathrooms, 2016 we finished the two story dormitory as shown at right.
These boys are wards of the state, but Alcides serves as guardian ad litem.  In some cases they have no memory of their parents or home. We let them select a birthday, and most choose December 25, saying they want to share their birthday with the Christchild.  Others choose July 28, Peruvian Independence Day.  All the children attend school and do their chores. Tutors volunteer their time from European countries to help the children with their studies.  A few of the children are just learning to read and write.  Others are excelling. The boys have a good work ethic and we farm our greenhouse and some of the area around the home.  We have room for more dormitories, and since there is a surplus of street children in the city, we won’t have trouble filling them up.