Latino LDS Voluntarism

Pew3Dr. Ram Cnaan of the University of Pennsylvania and Chairman Van Evans have received authorization from the Public Affairs Committee of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to research volunteerism on latino LDS members living in Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, and diaspora communities in Florida, Arizona, and California. In previous research published in three journals and in the international press, the duo found that LDS volunteer at higher levels than any other religious group in the USA. It was found that latino LDS in the USA also volunteer at high levels, including first generation immigrants, which is uncommon.  A survey instrument is being distributed to members of random stakes in the countries. Those interested in funding this project should make a donation.

Mapping the Civil Society of Colombia

Chairman Van Evans worked closely with the Mayor’s Office of Greater Bogotá in creating a single database of all nonprofit entities in the Republic of Colombia.  With 48 million inhabitants, Colombia is the fourth largest country by population in the Americas after the USA, Mexico, and Brazil.  It also has the second largest nonprofit sector per capita in the Americas.

Completed in 2016, this database is published online to increase cross-border philanthropy to Colombia.  In this post-conflict era, some 27 million of Colombia’s poorest citizens will benefit from increased capacity building and funding through this project.
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Genhu is seeking funds for research in Cuba. Cuba has very little tradition of philanthropy and civil society is not only regulated by the state, it is a state entity.  Nevertheless, Cuba has a tradition of donating blood. Genhu can be instrumental in helping Cuba in its transformation in the new millennium. We are seeking funds to study Cuba’s high level of blood donations. We have a General License to travel to Cuba from the Department of Treasury that regulates the embargo. Contact Van Evans  if you have interest in supporting research in Cuba, or make a donation.


These are articles or books produced by Genhu staff and Advisory Board members. No reproduction can be made without express written permission from the authors.

Giving Mexico
Chairman Van Evans collaborated with Advisory Board member Jackie Butcher Garcia-Colín (editor) on the Giving Mexico project. Titled Generosidad en Mexico, the book is a collection of research on giving and volunteering in Mexico. Published in November 2013 by the Latin American publisher Porrúa. Sold in Mexico.

No one suffers more from statelessness than children. Read the effects of statelessness in:
A Child Without A Country: How Statelessness Affects Children in the Americas.

Child Labor
Latin America has an extreme polarization of idle street children numbering in the millions, while having some of the tightest child labor laws, which is argued in this paper to be counterproductive:
Toward Balanced Child Labor: Away from the Polarizations of Slavery and Slothfulness in Latin America.